Every Ceramist, Potter, whatever you want to call yourself, waits eagerly for that kiln to get down to 150 so you can pop the lid and see what happened! (if you haven't cheated and peeked). Sometimes it is like Christmas and sometimes... not as much. 

I have recently been having some trouble with firings in the studio that I work out of, Kimba's Touch Pottery and Art Gallery. I load the owners, her students, and my work in her kilns and have been getting various results. Some stuff turns out beautiful, some stuff underfired, some stuff running. It is always gut wrenching when a new student's piece that they worked meticulously on is ruined. Turns out the programs that are built into the kiln just weren't yielding us the results we were hoping for. I had tried a few programs that I found online in forumns and every time it was disaster, so we dealt with the glaze defects and trudged on.

We were visited by the owners of a studio and supply shop, Dakota Pottery Supply where the owner of the studio gets her clay and it just goes to show that this community is a special one. Right away when I asked if she knew of any good programs for Cone 6 firings she walked right over to the kiln and put in the one she uses with great results. I was shocked! How generous! I feel as though I have been around studios where these things are kept close to the chest as secrets. 

My cone 6 firing experience has been rather limited. When I was in school we fired Cone 10 reduction and I also did a lot of sculpture in low fire. My experience out of school has been limited as most of the studio's I have worked out of someone was always in charge of the firings. SO! I am still a little out of my element with Cone 6 . 

We fired off a load of Cone 6 with the gifted firing schedule yesterday morning and this morning... STUNNING!!! Couldn't have asked for better results, the problems we were having with glaze defects were no longer!

It just goes to show that you can always learn something new. Until next time!