I grew up in a house full of fun, love and experiences. I don't know that my parents consciously thought about what it was that they were doing for me but the activities we did have shaped what I love and love to do now as an adult. 

Some of my fondest childhood memories are ones that include me being able to be creative and be included in things like making soap, like the home made soap you see here and being able to help with things that I would come to really enjoy. One of those things is gardening. As you can imagine, since I work with clay now, I have never had a problem getting my hands dirty. We had a family garden that took almost half our yard and we had a compost that fed the plants we were growing with the waste of the things we ate. There was something magical about the simplicity of that cycle that I find inspires me. It may seem like an odd inspiration for making pieces but inspiration for me comes from not just physical things, it comes from memories and actions.

These new soap dishes you will find here are simple and and elegant and inspired by these childhood memories.